The Bible advises us to continue in fellowship with our believers. There is a reason for that!
It edifies us, keeps us accountable, makes us more transparent and unplugs us from what can become secluded, self-centered lives. We learn to share, invite-in, commune, and interact with other believers.


We are givers at heart and we model that in our lives.
We believe in giving so that we are better able to give back. We invite our church body to give to any of our local missions or sponsored missionaries on a regular basis, as well as to the mission of this local church through supporting staff and building needs.
You can access the Calvary giving page by clicking “GIVE” on the navigation bar.


If you attend Calvary Bible Church and there is no spiritual growth in your life, then we invite you to ask the question, “Why?”
We would love to walk with you as you seek that answer. It is so important to us that you take away real life application, not just spiritually, but for your family, finances, and all areas of your life. God is our Source of joy, and our Deliverer.